So There Exists A Pizza Ice Cream & We Can’t Even #POLL

Over the past few days, weeks, and months, the Internet and the F&B space have seasoned us to expect just about anything. Be it an avocado and coffee mash up, charcoal tinted foods, or even bread baked in space (or for that matter chicken burgers living the inter galactic life), we have seen it all! And just when we thought, we could give our ‘WTF’s and ‘are you serious’ a rest, Philadelphia’s Little Baby’s Ice Cream went ahead and rolled out a pizza flavoured ice cream. You read that right.

Just in time for summer when our sugar buds desire nothing more than a creamy scoop of gelato, the ice cream Frankenstein at the ice cream parlour mashed together two of the most popular junk foods – pizza and ice cream. And it is exactly what it sounds like, a legit scoop-able (and drip-able) ice cream that tastes just like a pizza.

Which pizza you may wonder? The savoury ice cream packs flavours of all the basics that make a pizza sans the crust, that is, basil, tomato, garlic, salt, and, of course, oregano.

Now, we’re not sure how that tastes like (what, you expect us to blindly accept that a frozen scoop of condensed milk that tastes like Italian seasonings, tomato, and garlic would be brilliant?), but definitely wouldn’t mind a lick! What say? Would you like to try this ingenious pizza ice cream? Ay or nay? Vote below and let us know!

Feature Image: Ice Cream Jubilee