[Exclusive] Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay’s Oak & Dill Grilled Jumbo Prawns

It might always seem daunting making dishes that have more than three ingredients and require a grill or more effort than we’re used to, but when we caught up with Executive Chef V.Vijayakumar of Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay as he walked us through some of his favourite dishes, we discovered that cooking can also be quite fun and exciting!


Located in Mamallapuram, Radisson Blu Resort Temple Bay is the perfect summer getaway destination. With the beach as their backyard, this resort has so much to offer. You can choose to spend the summer eating your way through the many cuisines they serve or take in the activities that the resort offers. They even have a great offer going on right now, so avail of the Summer Chiller Package and take the weight off your shoulders and let Radisson Blu take care of you.

We set up outside their beach-side restaurant, The Wharf, to get a taste of some of the dishes that they serve there. He taught us four different recipes, covering two kinds of meat, seafood and a vegetarian dish just to cover all bases. These recipes are relatively easy for you to do at home. Take a look at the whole video and watch the recipes to get a proper understand of how it’s done.


The first set of recipes we’re featuring are focused on non-vegetarian dishes. One is a continental dish that brings beef and bacon together on a grill and the other is an Indian tandoor dish, that can be cooked on the stove or in a tandoor oven.

Oak & Dill Grilled Jumbo Prawns with Wine Reduction


Salt to taste
30 ml Bourbon Whiskey
50 gms Melted Butter
3 ml Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice
30 ml Cream
5 gms Dill Leaves
10 ml Olive Oil
2 gms Black Pepper
2 gms Grated Lemon Zest
5 Jumbo Tiger Prawns
60 ml White Wine

1. In a large bowl stir together the oil, dill leaves, lemon zest, Bourbon whiskey, salt and pepper.
2. Add the prawns and toss them to coat them well.
3. Let the prawns marinate, covered, chilled for at least 20 minutes
4. Pan-fry the prawns on hot griddle or grill them.
5. Serve hot with lemon wedges and garnished with dill Leaves
6. Heat wine in a heavy bottom pan, add in the butter & cream and cook until it slightly thickens.
7. Serve the sauce with grilled prawns.

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