Exclusive Masterclass At The Fairfield Marriott, Rajajinagar

So one of the many awesome things about being a food blogger is getting invited to really kickass food (and booze) events. This weekend I have the pleasure of attending an exclusive (yes, that means you can’t come) masterclass at the Fairfield Marriott with celebrity Chef Michael Swamy and their Head Chef Aniket Das.

This masterclass is advertised as a chance to witness the best kept culinary secrets from the coastal region of Maharastra all with a healthy twist and I’m really excited!

Chef Michael Swamy is an absolute veteran in his field, he’s authored two award-winning books. He and his team also handled the whole food aspect of the first two seasons of Masterchef India – like setting challenges and tasks. Pretty cool huh? He recently opened his own restaurant in New Delhi, NUEVA (coincidentally one of Virat Kohli’s favourite eateries), where he serves his take on South American cuisine.

Chef Aniket Das is the Head Chef at Fairfield Marriott and has a veritable gold mine of experience. He firmly believes in keeping his flavours authentic and his plating artistic.

If you’ve got a bit of a case of FOMO have no fear! I promise to provide a live sneak peak of the Masterclass so you won’t miss out! So tune into our Facebook page tomorrow at 3:30 pm to get an exclusive look into the culinary experience of a lifetime!




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