Exclusive: Avni Biyani and Pooja Dhingra Tell Us About WhisQ, Future Group’s New Baking Brand

A few days ago, we told you about the launch of WhisQ, a range of baking equipment from Future Group in collaboration with celebrated baker Pooja Dhingra. To understand more about the brand we caught up with Dhingra and Future Group’s Avni Biyani and the founder of WhisQ.

Before we take you to our conversation, here’s a look at what WhisQ offers:


WhisQ has been created using German technology, having been manufactured by Fackelmann and the expertise of Pooja Dhingra, a celebrated baker of Le 15 fame. Through the products, Future Group hopes to meet all the requirements of a home baker.

The WhisQ range includes fondant rollers, whisks, a macaroon kit, moulds, measuring spoons, fondant decorators as well as a varied range of baking pans. These can be used to make a range of baked goods including tiered cakes, muffins, fairy cakes and tarts.

The Intricacies Of WhisQ

After better understanding the WhisQ background, here’s what Biyani and Dhingra had to say.

Comment on the baking scene in India.

Biyani: The baking scene in India has evolved a lot in the last few years. With better access to equipments and ingredients, people have started experimenting a lot at home.

Dhingra: Although India has a rich historical tradition of desserts, baking here is still relatively new. Today there is a whole generation that lives to eat and experiment in the culinary and patisserie arts. Access to quality  ingredients and equipment is so much easier today then it was when I first started out with Le 15!

How have customer insights from Future Group’s operations helped in shaping the products?

Biyani: Future Group’s understanding of the retail landscape in India has added a lot of value to the launch of WhisQ. Also, being present in over 240 cities, the customer insights gathered by Future Group has helped a lot in shaping the products.

What are some of the WhisQ products you’re most excited about?

Biyani: The macaron set is one of my favourites. It is ideal for beginners. The pre-sized sheet ensures that the baker always gets even sized macarons.

What are some of the most popular baked goods you believe people are experimenting with?

Dhingra: In the age of Instagram inspiration is easy to find. From macarons to tiered cakes people are trying it all at home!

 How have you brought your baking expertise to creating WhisQ’s equipment?

Dhingra: Small details I’ve found make all the difference. We did many trials on each product made available on the WhisQ line. And for me articulating the challenges while baking was a learning curve with surprisingly positive results. For example, I made sure our mixing bowls had a silicon base, so that bakers can whisk with more ease or the sizes of our cake tins and pans are chosen keeping in mind the sizes of home ovens.   

What advice would you give to an aspiring home baker?

Dhingra: Try a basic recipe multiple times and perfect it before you start experimenting with flavours. Patience is key, don’t keep opening the oven door. Play some music while you bake, it will help you de-stress and remind you to have fun!