Are You Excited About This Unicorn Cheesecake? #POLL

The rainbow food trend, a.k.a. the unicorn food trend was massive in 2016. And given its popularity we won’t be surprised if 2017 too sees hues of ‘VIBGYOR’, some sparkle, and glitter. Because that is exactly what the latest food from the Unicorn family is made of. Behold, the No Bake Unicorn Cheesecake!

Concocted by the creatively endowed foodie over at Delish, the no bake cheesecake is an easy to make, utterly beautiful, and absolutely magical. To make the cheesecake, you start with the classic sugar, heavy cream, cream cheese, and vanilla base and beat until fluffy. Then you divide that mixture into different bowls; the number of bowls depends on how many colors you want. Now, you simply scoop the different colored cream cheese mix onto a graham cracker base, alternating at random, until you’re at the top and completely out of cheesecake mixture. Use a knife to gently swirl the colors together, but not so much that they start to muddy.

Stick the cheesecake in the fridge for about 6 hours, or until it is set. And then enjoy the marvel of this unicorn cheesecake! Basically the dessert is a dream come true.

So, would you try this at home?

Feature Image: Delish