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Everything You Thought You Knew About Your Coffee Is Wrong


We all know the drill. Keep your coffee in an airtight container, somewhere close to your coffee maker. So that you don’t have to search for it when are you still half asleep in the morning. The coffee you make taste heavenly, and you do not think there is anything else that can make it better. Well, that’s where we have news for you.

The Effect Of Bean Origin And Temperature On Grinding Roasted Coffee, a study that was published in the Scientific Report put forward the fact that refrigerating coffee beans before grinding and brewing make the coffee taste so much better. Yes, we never knew that before. So, how is that refrigerating them going to make any difference? According to the study, cooling of coffee beans significantly decreases the rate of mass loss through volatile sublimation/evaporation. Thus, coffee that is ground and brewed cold could potentially demonstrate increased aroma and or flavor in the eventual brewed cup.

To understand this even better, lets talk chemistry. The research states that small and finely ground coffee beans allow for better extraction of the flavor compounds, and consequently more flavour in your coffee. Hendon said this alters the taste of coffee because “subtle changes in particle size distributions make a huge difference in rate of extraction.” His team’s research also suggests that the temperature of the bean needs to be more constant to achieve consistent grinds, and that cooler temperatures maximize surface area, allowing more of the coffee bean to be utilized.

We could go into more scientific explanations about chilling your coffee beans is always a good idea, but you will have to grab two cups of coffee to sit and read through that. So, we are not going there. So, here is what you should remember, its always a good idea to keep your coffee beans in the fridge, and this is not just to keep them fresh, but also to enhance their flavour.