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Everything You Need To Know About Brett Lee’s Love For Butter Chicken


Indians’ love for cricket is immense and it is safe to say that we worship it. But more than the game itself, we look up to the players. And this idolisation is not limited to only the Indian national team; we have favourites on various other continents as well. Australian bowler Brett Lee, for instance.


Beer & Butter Chicken

The cricketer, who celebrates his 41st birthday today, too has a long-standing relationship with India. And no, we’re not just talking about his decade-old single ‘Haan Main Tumhara Hoon’ with Asha Bhosle or his recent movie UNindian, but his immense love for the global ambassador of Indian chicken dishes – butter chicken. And some beer to wash it down, of course.

According to Lee, butter chicken is his reward meal, which he treats himself with after a hard day of training. “The day I train hard, I work my butt off, put in effort and the match goes well, then I reward myself. A couple of quarts of beer, and Butter Chicken”, the cricketer was quoted saying.

Well, Australians, they’re just like us! What we’re trying to say is this: Happy Birthday Binga, we hop you binged on tons of butter chicken and pints of beer!


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