Everything A Woman Wants To Know About Alkaline Diets And How They Help

We recently had a chat with Nidhi, the co-founder of JusDivine, one of Mumbai’s healthiest juice brands. During our conversation, she emphasized on the importance of alkaline in your system, and then told us that pineapple juices are one of the most alkaline solutions in the world.


This wasn’t the first time we had heard of an alkaline based diet and its benefits. We decided to do a little research on it – here’s what we found!

Why Try An Alkaline Diet?

A normal diet today consists of foods that are high in acidity, such as meat, dairy, corn, wheat and refined sugars. Our bodies work best when acid and alkaline levels are at a neutral or controlled level. However, we tend to take in a lot more acids than our body can neutralise on its own.

Therefore, some nutritionists and health advocates suggest alkaline rich diets, that will help balance out the effect of acidity and help your body detox. While there is no hard scientific evidence to support the effect of alkaline based diets, several case studies show that they can be beneficial in fighting and curing disease and improving energy levels.

Want to try out the alkaline diet yourself? It’s not hard at all – simply try to incorporate a few more of these foods in your diet:



Vegetables, of course, are always welcome. However, try increasing your intake of beetroots, broccoli, celery, kale, lettuce, peas and spinach to maintain a healthy acid-alkaline balance.

Tip: The acidity in foods tends to increase when they’re cooked, so try eating some of these raw. You could try juicing vegetables like broccoli and celery if you’re not comfortable eating them raw.



Apples, pineapples, all berry varieties, lemons, oranges, peaches, pears and watermelons can all help your body keep itself in balance.



Try replacing your regular chicken or fish dish at lunch with tofu, which has an interesting texture and will give you a wagon load of nutrients.



Replace your rock salt with sea salt, which has a high alkaline content. Also, try out recipes that use cinnamon, ginger and mustard.



Olive oil is completely alkaline based. You can also try flax seed oil or canola oil if you prefer their tastes.

However, remember not to get carried away with the alkaline diet – the point is to allow your body to neutralise and not tip the balance the other way. Simply increase your intake of these foods moderately and you’ll feel the difference!