Every One Needs More Neer More!

Neer More.Literally translated into English means yogurt water. Two very essential things for a perfect pick me up. Water, of course is the best for you. Add the refreshing benefits of cool yogurt to it and your body will thank you. That’s not all that goes into this humble drink from the south.

A multitude of zingy- fresh- good for you ingredients make it all the more exciting. Crushed green chillies, corainder leaves and curry leaves provide a herby hit. The customisable additions of chopped green mango, chopped cucumber, salted dried red chillies and/or red chilli powder and crisp golden boondis. Some vendors also add special touches like crushing ginger and shallots and mint into the drink. Another distinct flavour that you might struggle to put your finger on, but is unique the Tamil way of making this drink is a generous pinch of asafoetida.

Tasty and Healthy

There are many health benefits to drinking this cooler that Chennaites love :

Helps calm the stomach after a spicy meal

Washes down fats

Aids in digestion

A great tool against dehydration

Combats acidity

People in Chennai have an emotional connect to this age old traditional drink. It is nostalgia of your mothers and grandmothers greeting you when you come home with their special version of Neer More.It is the memory of sharing a tall glass of buttermilk with your friends as you take turns biting into a raw mango in the summer. It is in the streets and by lanes that we grew up in.

When you are moving about through the city, from morning till evening you will find people queuing up at road side stalls for this quencher. Ask anyone and they will say that even though they love all of the other drinks that are available, Neer More is always special. It is a staple for me at lunch time when it feels like I need a wake up call.

Sometimes, the simplest things in life are indeed the best.