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Every flavoured beans that I really wish someone would make


[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f Bertie Bott were real, then sure, we really would have every flavoured beans, from earwax and dirt flavour to chilli powder and bogey. But the only flavoured beans we have are based on fruits, and they all have one thing in common; they’re all sweet. Some days you just want to break the routine and try something different.

Here are some flavoured beans I wish someone would make:

1. Cheese/pizza

Am I on a diet?

And yet I’ reaching for cheddar and pizza?

Yes, sometimes temptations get the better of me. If only beans were pizza flavoured, then there would be no need to wait 30 minutes for the pizza to arrive.

cheese jelly bean

2. Bacon 

Mark my words, bacon beans have the potential to rule the world. But before that, bacon flavoured beans should be the top priority of every jelly bean maker.

Move aside, bacon strips, this is the next best thing.

bacon jelly bean


3. Mushroom

No, this isn’t a Mario joke.

Mushrooms have that characteristic umami taste you just can’t say no to.

And who knows, maybe it could make you taller.

mushroom jelly bean

4. Chicken 

Tastes like…chicken?

Is this really a jelly bean?

Chicken flavour can be an awesome addition to beans. Ask Ron Wealsey, I’m sure he’d agree with me.

chicken flavoured jelly bean

5. Sausage 

Is this still not a bean flavour? What are the Germans doing?

sausage jelly bean

6. Fig

The sweet taste and texture of figs are unique. I just can’t figure out why figs haven’t already been made into a bean flavour.

Jelly Belly, how could you have missed this?

fig jelly bean

7. Walnuts

Jelly beans can shed its ‘junk food’ title if a walnut flavour is introduced. The flavour of walnuts is unique, even among nuts.

Bertie Bott, here’s another flavour you might want on your list. You’re welcome.

walnut jelly bean

8. Olive 

We’re infusing its oils in everything we cook, then why not dedicate a jelly bean flavour to olives? Olive flavoured jelly beans, kind of makes you want to bring the champagne out.