Europe’s First All-Avocado Restaurant Is Coming To Amsterdam Next Month

If Amsterdam is not on your bucket list of places to visit, once you’re done reading this article, it might be. There’s something new taking over the Dutch city and it’s not what you’re thinking. Avocados are coming to Amsterdam and that’s all this one restaurant is going to be serving.

The Avocado Show is set to open in De Pijp, a hip (read: hipster) neighbourhood in the south of the city, a part of the city that will welcome this kind of restaurant with open arms. In short, every item on the menu will use or have the now superfruit, including things like an avocado-bun burger, avocado chocolate smoothie and of course the classic avocado toast.

The restaurant will be open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks and if that’s not enough reason to stuff your face with avocado, then we don’t know what will be. Avocados have been trending all over the world for a good portion of 2016 and while 2017 might not be the year of avocados, it looks like Europe is going to be embracing this craze now and rightfully so.

If you check The Avocado Show on Instagram, you’re going to wish you were there right now, because we can be sure that we’ve never seen avocados look so delicious in the most normal of dishes. Here are some of our favourites: