Enjoy A Wide Range of Cuisines At The Best Restaurants In Velachery, Chennai

To most people, the mention of Velachery means the area in Chennai where the Phoenix Marketcity mall is located. But there’s so much more to Velachery than just a big mall with everything you could ask for. It’s a very popular residential area in the south of the city and is also the hub that connects you to the IT sector in the city. It’s the central part of South Chennai and has a combination of Old and New Chennai in one area.

In terms of food, Velachery is filled with all kinds of options. You can choose between North and South Indian, Italian and Continental, Japanese and Chinese and so much more. If you’re a frequent visitor to the area or you’re new in town, here are 12 restaurants in Velachery that you must visit.

AB’s – Absolute Barbecues


The new kid on the block in terms of barbecue offerings is doing very well for themselves. With an unlimited buffet to choose from and food that is grilled right in front of you, how can you really go that wrong?

Barbeque Nation


In India, if you’re looking for a great place to get the best and the tastiest barbecues, then this is your one stop shop. They’ve got everything and obviously are the ‘original’ ones in the city. Again, the food is ‘grilled’ at your table and fresh and juicy. What more do you need?

Coal Barbecues


There is absolutely no shortage of barbecue places in Velachery and if you’re ready to try new things every other day, then you’re looking at the right list. What makes this place special is their big display of desserts!



Multi-cuisine restaurants are the best kind of restaurants, because you get to find something for everyone! They’ve got North and South Indian food, Chinese, Italian and other great Continental food. And of course, they’re best known for their pizzas.

Destination 70


A relatively new restaurant, Destination 70 has a great burger filled menu. And if that’s not enough enticement, you can definitely find the craziest colour burgers too. Now, that’s a great way to bring people in!



Japanese food isn’t as popular in Chennai as it ought to be, so if you’re in Velachery and looking for something different, head on to this restaurant. They even vegan options for those that have a specific diet.

Haven Sampoorna

Known for their delicious vegetarian menu, this restaurant has a buffet that will keep you going back for more every single time. They cover the popular cuisines of Chinese and North and South Indian, so you’re not trying to figure out what would be best.



Another multi-cuisine restaurant, Raaz has a bit of everything. For the adventurous, you can try a combination of dishes from each cuisine just to get the best experience. Because how else will you know what’s the best dish in the restaurant?

Punjab Grill


You can’t go wrong with North Indian food ever, and if you’re looking for North Indian grilled food, then why would you go elsewhere when there’s one perfect restaurant for all of that? Get the best of Punjab under one roof.



North Indian food is one of the best ways to eat and enjoy vegetarian dishes. The masalas and concoctions make it so delicious and tasty. And Pind is offering just that all under one roof. This pure vegetarian restaurant also has Jain offerings, so don’t miss out.



The international chain of restaurants is known for their Peri Peri sauce, and the very hands-on menu. You get to choose your chicken, your spice level and your accompaniments. Where else can you do that?

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant


Rajasthani and Gujarati food is an absolute treat and for those who have never enjoyed or experienced this, this is where you should start. It’s the kind of restaurant that has everything you can imagine in a vegetarian menu, plus more.