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Enjoy The Indian Grill Festival at Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel


One of Bengaluru’s finest dining destinations serving global cuisine with an indigenous flair, LUSH is hosting an Indian Grill Festival starting from this Friday, 17th January 2020. The restaurant’s beautiful outdoor courtyard is the perfect place to soak in the cool bliss weather in the evenings that the garden city has to offer alongside our signature Indian grills and trendy beverages to take your unwind factor to the next level.

Chef Sanjeev, the talented culinary wizard along with his team is hosting an Indian Grill Festival exclusively for their patrons who cherish authentic non-vegetarian grills. The inspiration behind this festival is a culmination of the finest spit-roasted delights cooked to perfection on the coal-fired sigree, Chef Sanjeev’s rich experience with various hospitality brands has given him a perspective on the food he is specially curating for this festival but also a chance and freedom to mix and match his passion and expertise in the food he hand crafts. His work at various 5-star properties in places such as Amritsar, New Delhi, and in foreign shores at award-winning establishments like Panchatantra in Singapore as well as Macau, Thailand makes Sanjeev the enterprising chef he is today.

The Simple “sigree”, a coal-fired spit roasting Indian grill forms a part of the main arsenal is one among the many delicious delicacies Chef Sanjeev brings to the festival. He very proudly says that the “Sigree” is the original BBQ from India and not the Tandoor Clay oven and is also a favorite amongst local street food vendors across the country, which he wishes to highlight in specific during this festival.

Here are a few dishes to spike your curiosity and make ignite your taste buds. Amritsari Lamb Chop Fusion, Dhungar Murgh (Smoky Chicken), Karaai Kudi (Meen Varuval), Chef Sanjeev’s signature Clay Pot Chicken Curry, Chef Sanjeev’s special Clay Pot Slow Cooked Dal, Seafood delights: Crabs, Craw fish, Prawns and much more!

Indulge all your senses this January at the Indian Grill Festival at your favourite restaurant, LUSH!

What: The Indian Grill Festival

Where: LUSH, Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel

When: 17th January – 31st January

Time: 7 Pm to 11 Pm

Price: 1850 ++