Enjoy Your Sunday Brunch On A Rooftop At Blanco In Mumbai

Sunday brunch is a great idea because you don’t need to wake up early and you certainly don’t need to cook for yourself. Blanco brings you the perfect brunch environment – a gorgeous rooftop and a buffet with a variety of cuisines and dishes to choose from. So come, unwind and relish your favourite kind of food at Blanco. Here’s our experience!

The Ambience

A chic, open space that reminds you of a Greek eatery complete with cane chairs, comfy seating, and welcoming environment. All around one can notice gorgeous bougainvillea vines contrasting the white walls beautifully. There was also a private area dedicated for a large group complete with curtains and meandros motifs. After seeping in the beautiful place, we went to the inner section complete with a bar. This is where a Beer Yoga session was about to start.

The Beer Yoga

Enjoy Your Sunday Brunch On A Rooftop At Blanco In Mumbai

This may not be a regular feature each Sunday brunch at Blanco but it’s certainly worth a mention. The Beer Yoga session was conducted by Dhara who showed the participants various yoga poses along with a pint of Kingfisher that they could sip while doing the yoga poses. The fun and exercise continued even after the session as the participants tried to balance an empty bottle on their head!

The Food

Delicious is probably an understatement as everything we tasted we liked. There was absolutely no compromise on any dish considering there was a great variety. The sushi and live counter is the unique thing to look out for during a brunch at Blanco as you won’t find it on the a la carte menu. We began by trying the Jamaican Chicken and Marinated Basa at the live counter. We even tried the Mushrooms marinated in herbs. The mushrooms tasted out of this world, they were soft and the fresh herb flavours made it a delicacy. The chicken was fiery and succulent and the basa belongs to a fine dine menu. The fish was delicately cooked, the flavours were spectacular and it just melted in the mouth.

Enjoy Your Sunday Brunch On A Rooftop At Blanco In Mumbai

Next we moved on to the sushi counter where the chef had made four kinds of sushi: Cucumber Cheese Roll, Veg Tempura Roll, Chicken Teriyaki Roll and Prawn Tempura Roll. We absolutely loved the punchy teriyaki, the refreshing cucumber and the delectable prawn tempura. The sushi was overall a great experience and is always welcome on our plates!

The inside section was where the salads, the cheese platter and the desserts were stationed. After collecting our drinks from the bar section we gorged on some cheese and grapes and tried the salads and loved them all. Our favourite was the Pineapple Salad with the fresh chives and a kick of chilli that blended beautifully with the natural sweetness of the pineapple.

Did we mention that their antipasto game was on point? The hummus, pita bread, couscous, cold cuts, pickled olives, marinated sprouts, and crab stick were absolutely amazing. They went very well with the quirky mocktails: Berry Stick and Seed & Spikes. The Berry Stick had nothing but cranberry juice with a smoked cinnamon stick but simplicity paid off well and turned out to be a lip smacking beverage. Seed & Spikes was made of guava, pineapple and wait for it… kaffir lime! It was absolutely amazing, innovative and a refreshing drink.

Enjoy Your Sunday Brunch On A Rooftop At Blanco In Mumbai

The drinks kept our appetite going as we decided to relish on some Pasta with Tomato Sauce made by the Head Chef Vipul Kore himself. The pasta too was made in-house which made it all the more delectable and the fresh tomatoes went very well with it and it turned out to be the perfect main course!

Enjoy Your Sunday Brunch On A Rooftop At Blanco In Mumbai

For the dessert we tried their Tiramisu, after all after an Italian main, it was due. Soft, creamy and light, the tiramisu completed the awesome brunch and left us with the same enthusiastic energy we entered Blanco with. The food experience here is truly exceptional and you must visit here soon!