Enjoy A Mug Of Alcoholic Butterbeer At This London Pub

Ever since we were introduced to the world of Harry Potter, we’ve been fantasising about what Butterbeer may taste like. It’s been described as “a little bit like less-sickly butterscotch” and welcomes wizards to drink it saying “enjoy a foaming mug of this popular wizarding beverage.” Since JK Rowling introduced it to the word, countless butterbeer recipes have sprung up. Now, a pub in London is serving its version of butterbeer; a cocktail with a wonderful alcoholic content.

Is Butterbeer Alcoholic?

In Harry Potter, we see underage Hogwarts students happily slurping down mug after mug of Butterbeer when they’re in Hogsmeade. So, one may assume that Butterbeer doesn’t actually contain alcohol.

However, house elves do get intoxicated by it, which indicates that it may have a slight alcoholic content which probably doesn’t have a significant impact on wizards.

The Blind Pig’s Spin

The Blind Pig, a bar in Soho, London has accepted that Butterbeer does in fact contain alcohol and has created its own version of it.

The Blind Pig’s Butterbeer is a cocktail made with Monkey Shoulder scotch, beer and Kam and Sons – a spirit distilled with ginseng, thyme liquor and butterscotch. The cocktail, which has been described to be a “sweet herbaceous beer” can be bought at the bar for t £10.50.


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