Enjoy Loft in Craft with the Sand Art Terrarium Workshop at Loft

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, yes? With the rains as a romantic backdrop to get your creative juices pumping, try Loft in Craft this Saturday! What else could be a perfect gift for your loved ones than a beautiful terrarium?

Head to Loft and learn to create your own magical world full of beautiful succulent plants in a glass. It is a perfect combination of nature and art to liven up your place! It’s easy to care, maintain and long lasting. They can brighten up your living space or office cubicle.

The terrarium also, only occupies a small place so you can make space for it, pretty much anywhere: on top of your coffee table, window sill, kitchen, bathroom window, or it can be kept at the corner of your balcony. Don’t worry about bringing anything along to the workshop because all the material will be provided at the workshop.

Learn the art of creating a Sand Terrarium at Loft and take home a masterpiece created by you. So, get ready to create something incredible!

Venue: Loft, Koramangala

Date: 6th July, Saturday

Time: 3 pm- 6 pm

Cost: INR 1,500 Book Now