Enjoy A Hearty Bowl Of Insect Ramen At This Restaurant In Tokyo

Many people believe that the practice of entomophagy – or the practice of eating insects will become increasingly common – in the coming years. If it does, then Nagi, a Tokyo restaurant has already proved itself to be well ahead of the curve; it recently served a group of ‘lucky’ customers insect ramen. 

There’s A Bug In My Ramen 

For one day, the restaurant, operating on first come first serve basis, was dishing out a limited amount of ‘insect ramen’. Customers were given the option of dipping their noodles into soup containing crickets, grasshoppers or silkworm powder.

A full meal included the insect ramen, a bowl of rice with crickets, worm spring rolls and insect flavoured ice cream. Sounds like a meal straight out of The Twits, doesn’t it?

This isn’t the first time Nagi has had an event featuring insects; last year it was serving cricket ramen. Its manager, Yuta Shinohara, organizes insect eating events and contests.


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