Enjoy Some Delicious Malvani Food In Mumbai This Week

Many Mumbaikars would have enjoyed authentic Malvani food while exploring the interiors of Maharashtra on treks or road trips. Malvani cuisine originates from Malvan on the Konkani coast. It features unique masalas, is heavily non vegetarian and is often deliciously spicy. If you’d like a taste of Malvani food in Mumbai, here’s where you should head.

Acharekar’s Malvan Katta


Acharekar’s Malvan Katta us a tiny eatery in Dadar West. As its name suggest, it serves delicious, authentic Malvani fare; try the Surmai Masala, the Prawns Masala and the Bombil Thali.



Chaitanya is another hole in the wall eatery in Shivaji Park. It’s famous across the city for its fiery Malavani fare and is perfect if you’re on a shoe-string budget. Enjoy the Bangda, Crab Masala and Crab Lollipop at this restaurant.



Sadiccha in Bandra is best known for its thalis. We particularly love the Pomfret and Surmai thalis.

Malvani Aswad


Malwani Aswad in Vile Parle is best known for its seafood, but we also enjoy their chicken dishes like the Chicken Masala and Chicken Liver Dry Fry. If you’re stuck on seafood, you should definitely try the Surmai and Ravas Curry and the Prawns Koshimibir.

Hotel Malvan


Here’s yet another restaurant whose name gives away its culinary game. Enjoy the Special Chicken Dry and the Prawns Sukkha.

JP’s Lunch Home


Try the Bombil Fry, Surmai Thali, Crab Thali and Solkadi at JP’s Lunch home for a delicious, value for money meal.



Gajalee has outlets across Mumbai and is particularly famous for its Bombil Fry. We also love the Crab Masala, Oyster Masala Dry and Prawns Sukha.