Enjoy A Vegetarian Twist On Popular Street Food At Street Storyss

With healthy eating coming to the forefront of lifestyle changes, the urban crowd has also made the switch to more sustainable eating habits. Luckily, vegetarian restaurants are popping up to meet the demand. Street Storyss opened just three months ago in Indiranagar, and it’s already an extremely popular location! When we were given the opportunity to sample their street food with a fine dining twist, we couldn’t resist the chance to enjoy a healthy meal at this cozy and quaint space.

We started our meal with a delicious Tomato Shorba, just the perfect soup for this weather, and dare I say, one of the best tomato soups’ we’ve had in a while. It had lovely touch of heat at the back of the throat and we wolfed our bowl down eagerly. Not to be outdone was the Mushroom Soup, which was just as creamy and delicious as we could have imagined. We’d be quite happy just having a bowl of their Mushroom Soup along with the Watermelon and Lychee Salad for a light meal.

Moving on, we decided to try a dish that has more of a rep as a comfort food – Pan-Fried Dim Sum. We loved the deep-fried kale garnish and the heat of the Naga chili, the waterchestnut also added a lovely texture to the dish. Another popular street food? Chaats! We tried the Avocado Mousse, a take on a Papdi Chaat, but elevated, with an Avocado Mousse (it’s in the name, people) and a raw mango salsa!

We paired our dishes with the refreshing Orange & Kafir Lime Cooler, and the classic Kokum Masala (made with Thums Up, as intended). For the mains we tried the Textures of Eggplant, served with pita bread, as well at the Rajma Ghee Kicdhi, which was one of our favorite dishes. Comfort food on a plate (or a bowl, as it were).

For dessert, we stumbled upon the Frozen Coffee Malai Rabri, we loved that the coffee flavour was enhanced by the use of jaggery, and the Gulkand Kheer was subtle yet bold in its flavour profile.

We loved Street Storyss for their gorgeous, bistro-like ambiance, the healthy vegetarian options on the menu, and the fact that they make everything, in house, using healthier substitutes. Drop by, and we promise, you won’t miss your carnivorous diet at all!