Enjoy a Range of Refreshing Tea Based Cocktails and Gourmet Teas this International Tea Day at Yauatcha, Bengaluru

Yauatcha, a modern incarnation of the traditional Chinese tea house; is an accessible fine dine all day space that fuses Dim Sum, Mixology, Tea and European Patisserie to create a unique and social experience that reflects the spirit of a modern chatter house. Since tea is an integral part of Yauatcha, this International Day come celebrate with Yauatcha’s tea cocktails, exclusive Yauatcha Blend of tea and a wide range of teas that have been carefully selected including different varieties sourced from China, Taiwan, Japan and India which complement dim sum and patisserie.

Tea Cocktails

Tea is an important ingredient to create infusions and Yauatcha boasts a range of unique and refreshing tea cocktails. The joy you get from the first sip of your morning tea comes through in the Xing Fu, which literally translates to “happiness” in Chinese. A sweet and floral aperitif tea cocktail, it is a concoction of Earl grey tea, lemon, citrus gin, Cointreau and the floral fragrance of lavender. Named after the Ging Tea House in Darjeeling, the Golden Ging is a long tea cocktail which has the flavours of passion fruit, fresh ginger juice and lemon. A light, refreshing drink made using the exclusive Yauatcha blend tea.

Yauatcha Blend of tea

The team behind Yauatcha India paired up with the folks at Ballantines Whisky and embarked on a journey to the Ging Tea House, one of the oldest tea plantations in Darjeeling, to conjure a new tea blend. Starting their day with a trek, the team strolled through the expansive tea gardens of the region and participated in the picking of tea. After this, a guided tour to one of the leading tea factories in Darjeeling walked them through the entire course of tea production, starting from harvesting to the final stage of packing. Through numerous activities such as tea tastings, interacting with the people behind the tea production and picking the best leaves of tea, the team came up with the final product – an aromatic brew which is the best companion to the dim sum at Yauatcha.

Teas from around the world

Sip on blends like Tian Hong, Dragon Well, Geisha, Green Puerh Leaf, White Bud Yin Zhen, Jasmine Green Tea, Classical Oriental Beauty, San Xia Green Tea, Camomile, Organic First Flush or the Yauatcha Tea Blend, a second flush black tea that comes from Ging Tea House in Darjeeling, the tea has wonderfully woody and spicy notes with a sweet flavour and remarkable fragrance.

This International Tea Day, come enjoy an array of gourmet teas or sip on refreshing tea based cocktails at Yauatcha.

When: Saturday, 15th December, 2018, International Tea Day

Time: 12 noon to 11 pm

For Reservations: Call – 092222 22800

Address: Yauatcha, Level 5, 1 MG Road Mall


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