Enjoy 4 Smashing Whisky Based Cocktail Recipes

Enjoy 4 Smashing Whisky Based Cocktail Recipes

Sip on these awesome cocktails by the The Doer’s Club this monsoon which are sure to be a delight on a cold, rainy evening.

1.       Dramble



60 ml Dewar’s 12

25ml Blackberry Liqueur

15ml sugar syrup

25ml lime juice


Add all the ingredients to the glass

Fill with crushed ice and  stir/swirl

Top with more crushed ice and then drizzle blackberry liqueur on top

Garnish with a fresh  blackberry

Glass – Highball


2.       Highball



60ml Dewar’s 12

100ml ginger ale / soda water

1 lime wedge

Garnish: lime wedge / dehydrated lime


Put all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and fill with ice.

Shake vigorously to achieve a nice texture, then strain into an old fashioned glass over cube ice.

float with a dash of blackberry syrup.

Glass : Highball


3.       Old Fashioned



60 ml DEWAR’S 15 Blended Scotch Whisky

5ml honey syrup

2 Dash angostura bitters

2 dash orange bitters


Add all ingredients in mixing glass

Stir served over block of clear ice

Garnish : orange peel

Glass : Old Fashioned


4.       Dewar’s Walk in the Park



60 ml Dewar’s 12

3 Dash Spicy essence

30 ml Chamomile Syrup

45 ml apple juice

30 ml lime


Add all ingredients in a shaker, shake for a few minute,

Strain the liquid into an ice filled Highball glass

Garnish : apple peel

Glass : Highball


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