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In today’s on the run society, people rarely have time to sit down for proper meals. At the end of the day, grabbing an energy bar is always a wiser choice than hitting a nearby fast food joint. However, hyped claims and hearsay about energy bars often cloud good judgment and choice.


Energy bars aim to provide wholesome nutrition as handy, on the go snacks or meals. They are a feasible option for people on tight schedules, wanting to eat healthy. These bars contain assorted ingredients like nuts, cereals, grains, seeds etc. to provide perfect meal replacement nutrition bars.

Earlier energy bars were a favorite with athletes and bodybuilders as they aimed to provide instant energy and good protein. But recent years have seen a paradigm shift in the market for energy bars.


Energy bars are known by many different names like meal replacer bar, snack bars, granola bars, and health bars etc.  Whatever be the name given to them, their main focus remains the same i.e. to provide with quick and right nourishment to get you through the day.

1) Helps you count the calories– It is easy to keep track of calories you are eating with energy bars compared to other snacks.

2) Packed and portable– These energy bars don’t require elaborate preparation, utensils or refrigeration.  These bars are easy to store and carry for a quick bit anytime anywhere.

3) Quick nutrition – Tied to your desk from dawn to dusk, energy bars are resourceful snacks when the hunger pangs hit. Packed with carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fortified with vitamins and minerals, these bars are definitely a healthy choice.


Nutrition or energy bars are for everyone who values health. It offers simplicity and control of eating.  Young or old everyone can grab these bars.

1) Hustlers – who tirelessly work their way towards success-the ones that burn the midnight oil. They surely need to eat healthy to keep up in the race. This is where and when energy bars come handy.  Wholesome nutrition packed in a snack bar, stuffed in your pocket or crammed in your bag.

2) Weight watchers–  A great physique and fit body require discipline and hard work.  Energy bars an ideal convenient low-calorie mid-meal snack for the health conscious.

3) Athletes – Energy bars are the instant source of energy and proteins for people hitting the gym, into sports, running marathons, riding cycle races etc. they help avoid the energy deficient while on the run.

To simply put, these bars are from everyone- men, women and also pregnant or lactating mothers and even children. These energy bars are also a great replacement for a bar of chocolates for kids. This is surely a great relief to all the mothers worried about providing right nutrition to their children.

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We now know a great many benefits of energy bars and how they can help us with eating clean and healthy. But it is very important to choose a right bar to meet your requirements.  There are ample of varieties in the market when it comes to energy bars. But not all bars are the same. They vary in their nutritional composition, taste, texture and types of ingredients.

From so many products all laying heavy claims regarding the bars health benefits it becomes a difficult task choosing a right bar.

1) Read the label carefully – It is smart to go through the ingredient list to make sure the bar actually provides what it asserts too.

2) Check for total calories – The total calories provided by the nutrition bar help decide its purpose.  A low-calorie bar is ideal for weight watchers and a high-calorie bar for the physically active.

3) Look for fat – Your bar need not be fat-free just low in fat i.e. less than 5gms of fat. It is important to understand that not all fat is bad. A little fat is needed by our body and actually needed to promote satiety.

4) Evaluate the fiber content – Fiber content up to 3-5gms is an ideal deal. Again the quantity of the fiber will help define the purpose of the bar. A high fiber bar helps you feel fuller for a longer time, providing a steady supply of energy.

5) Weigh the protein – Most of the protein in energy bars are from vegetarian sources with the burden of the saturated fat from the animal fats. A snack high in protein work well for everyone. A protein content of 15gms or more is suitable.

6) Assess the micronutrients– like Vitamins and minerals. Most of the bars use diverse ingredients to meet your micronutrient requirement while others fortify it. Be it any way you make sure you get the advantage of these vitamins and minerals.

7) Zero in on the sugar– The type and amount of sugar used in the bar reflects greatly on the viability of the bar especially in terms of health. A bar high in sugar is not ideal for any purpose. Go for bars made with dry fruits that add natural sweetness to the bar compared to corn syrups.

8) Cross out the artificial– Bars you choose would be made from natural ingredients or organic ingredients. Too much of added color, flavor and preservative are never a wiser choice.

Energy and nutrition bars are indeed a healthier pick than other snacking products available in the market like fried chips, biscuits and other munchies.  However, one must remember that energy bar should never be a replacement for a proper meal or real food.

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