Emirates Introduces Its Own Food And Wine Channel

Emirates Introduces Its Own Food And Wine Channel

A food and wine channel has been launched by the popular airlines, Emirates to showcase the creation of their on-board menu along with some behind-the-scenes and the company’s association with global partners. The information comes via a press release which also reveals that this new channel can be viewed by the passengers on all its flights.

Tune-In To Emirates’ Food Channel

“The food channel showcases the detail that goes into menu development by Emirates chefs and ingredient sourcing for on-board meals. Each episode explores how the airline brings the products on board through long standing partnerships worldwide, including local suppliers and artisans. The first two episodes take the viewer to Umbria, Italy, where Emirates purchases its olive oil from Monte Vibiano and to Sri Lanka to understand how the Dilmah tea is selected to be served on board,” says the press release by Emirates.

“We go to great lengths to present our customers in every class with a great dining experience. A lot of detail goes into preparing the meals and choosing the wines. The channels give viewers access to our food and beverage philosophy, the catering strategy and how we work with our partners. In addition, our tutorials and recipes give our customers something interesting to ‘take home’ with them,” Joost Heymeijer, Emirates’ Senior Vice President, Catering said in a statement.

“So if you’re enjoying a fine wine like Château Haut Brion 2004 on board, there is an accompanying wine tutorial to help you appreciate and understand its nuances and what makes it unique. Similarly, if you’ve just enjoyed the Braised Coconut Beef Short Ribs served on your flight and want to recreate it at home, we have that recipe on the Food Channel,” he added.


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