Eggs Contaminated With Insecticide Have Created Crisis In Europe

There is a rising panic in Germany after the news broke out that eggs that were brought to the stores are contaminated. Millions of eggs are being pulled off from the shelves after the eggs that came from Netherlands were reported to be contaminated with the insecticide called fipronil.

Around 10 million eggs that were contaminated are estimated to have gotten into Germany, and they reportedly have shown up in at least 12 of Germany’s 16 states. Fipronil is used to take care of fleas, lice and ticks problems on the chickens. This insecticide is banned from using on animals that are used for human consumption. Though this insecticide may not cause any harm to adults, it is dangerous for children. The toxic substance can damage the liver, thyroid glands and kidneys if ingested in large amounts over time according to WHO.

Also, there is a chance that these eggs might have been shipped to UK, France, Sweden and Switzerland.

Eggs Contaminated With Insecticide Have Created Crisis In EuropeThe Dutch poultry industry, which was slowly rising from their last catastrophe, is now once again facing tremendous loss.  Also, a criminal investigation is underway in the Netherlands and Belgium to figure out how exactly the contamination happened.