Edible Art By Vanilla Miel


Crave to dig into some exotic desserts which not only taste divine but also look a million bucks?

Look no further than Vanilla Miel’s artisanal gourmand treats of entrements, petit gateaux and tarts where art gets happily hitched to pastry.  One look at the charismatic Mocha and you are floored!

As food is first devoured with our eyes, artisanal temptations of sister duo and gourmet food lovers Isha Shetty and Mansi Shetty Bafna who launched Vanilla Miel to give expression to their passions of art and pastry, do justice to the visuals.  Vanilla Miel is an online retail space and their USP is the highest available quality of ingredients goes into the making of  every eye-catching portion.  3 to 6 layers of mouth-watering delight, including flowers, on their desserts and tarts are 100% edible – handcrafted with pure chocolate and each one individually painted.


It became a one-way affair as I just could not stop admiring Lilac’s beauty and ultimately when I did take a bite there was no way I could stop gorging on its layers of Passion fruit and Milk Chocolate Cremeux, Brownie Sponge, White Chocolate Mousse and Salted Crunch. Blanche tempts you with Strawberry-pomegranate jelly, Lemon curd and Cream Cheese Mousse and Butter Biscuit.


Their signature tart, Vanilla Miel, is made with textures of Madagascan Vanilla and Honey-Roasted Almonds. Sienna which I tasted was a delightful convergence of multi flavours encrusted with single origin chocolate Ganache, Chocolate Maple Sponge and Cocoa Hazelnut Crunch. Amber with Caramelized Banana Crunch, Chocolate Ganache and Banana Mousse is a one-off combo and promises to entice banana lovers.


Sage is as irresistible as can be – almond praline, crunchy spiced apples with cinnamon vanilla mousse!


An amazing layering of raspberry jelly, lychee cremeux, mascarpone vanilla mousse, vanilla maple sponge and butter biscuit can be felt when you dig into beautiful Blush!

On the lighter side they also put forth entrements that are sure to tease your taste buds. And what better way to celebrate than to call for Vanilla Miel’s edible floral desserts for those special moments!