Ecosac Launches Eco-Friendly Veggie Bag For Grocery Shopping

Ecosac Launches Eco-Friendly Veggie Bag For Grocery Shopping

Plastic is banned in several states in India and has even reached Maharashtra recently. Environment-friendly bags are the need of the hour and Ecosac has just made that easy by launching ‘Veggie Bag’. Apart from being eco-friendly, the bag has several compartments to put vegetables and fruits into, thus reducing the need to carry different bags or stuffing all in one. A release by the company also adds that the bag can be reused, can be folded up and is strong enough to take the vegetable load.

Eco Friendly Grocery Bag

“Owing to the success of Ecosac shopping bags, we recognized the demand for a bag that could be used by consumers for segregation of fruits and vegetables while buying them. Since plastic is banned, women have been carrying bags with them to markets, which is a habit we envisaged cultivating in consumers. The compartments in the veggie bag ease out the pain point of mixing of vegetables, thereby preventing the lighter veggies from being squashed under the heavier ones”, says Anil Chowta, Founder and CEO, Ecosac Utility Bags.

He also adds that, “Ecosac as a brand has been aiming at providing eco-friendly solutions to our patrons at pocket-friendly costs. This new veggie bag is our endeavour to address challenges faced by the consumer, which has been a latent need of shoppers.” The bag is designed to carry a weight of upto 20 kilograms and is made up of water repellent polyester fabric. The bag is supposed to have a life of at least three years.