EatwithIndia presents Anupriya’s Nanjilnattu Samaiyal With Chef Anusha And Chef Priya

It all began when Shantanu Mahanta and Sonal Saxena realized that Indian food is not receiving the larger representation and audience that it deserves. While many other cuisines are finding their footing in this country, eatwithIndia was born out of the inability to find good options for good Indian regional food. They put together a pop-up style, a never had before experience with eatwithindia, which rivals a traditional restaurant experience. The kind of food you would find in a home, rather than cooked by professional chefs. It is definitely something that reminds you of home.

It was launched in Chennai on March 17 with a pop dinner curated by Chef Sri Bala, who is the ambassador to eatwithIndia.

On 30th of July, a quiet Sunday lunch was held at Keshav Dugar. eatwithIndia, along with Chef Anusha and Priya presented the Anupriya’s Nanjilnattu Samaiyal. It wasn’t marked with the chaos and rush that many of the pop events are known for. Instead, it was set for only 15-20 people, with the food prepared carefully and diligently by the chefs to bring out the flavours that Nagercoil cuisine is known for.

The lunch was started a Turmeric shallots soup with crispy banana chips and rasa vadai served as appetisers. For the main course, Mutton Kuzhumbu, which had lamb marinated in seasonal spices served in a gravy. Also, egg adai and Keerai Saaru Kuzhumbu were served along with steamed rice. On vegetarian side, seasonal vegetable theeyal and potato pakoda kurma were served.

EatwithIndia presents Anupriya's Nanjilnattu Samaiyal With Chef Anusha And Chef Priya

Manjal Kozhukattai and curd rice and Narthangai pachadi were served along with the main course.

EatwithIndia presents Anupriya's Nanjilnattu Samaiyal With Chef Anusha And Chef Priya

Dessert was a treat for the palate. With jackfruit panniyaram and pazha sherbet, the lunch was a tremendous success. Chef Anusha and Chef Priya were applauded for the amazing dishes they brought to the table.