Eat The Trend: Charcoal Ice Cream At Fritz Haber HSR Layout!

With food trends changing as rapidly as Bangalore’s weather, it’s definitely hard to keep up! Freakshakes one day, activated charcoal another, we often hear about food trends from across the globe yet rarely do we get a chance to try them. However, thanks to Fritz Haber, we’re in luck! This innovative new ice cream parlour is giving us the opportunity to try out charcoal ice cream!

Finally, you can eat ice cream that matches your soul (please, you know that’s going to be your Instagram caption) right here in the Garden City of Bengaluru! This ice cream cafe based in HSR layout should definitely be on your list of places to go especially if you’re a big fan of food trends!

Charcoal ice cream isn’t the only innovative ice cream you’ll find at Fritz Haber as they also have rolled ice cream and something called nitrogen smoked biscuits which I’m absolutely dying to try! If you’re as interested in Fritz Haber as I am, then stay tuned! We’re going to check it out tomorrow and we promise to give you the low down on cost, taste and ambience!

Images: Fritz Haber Facebook Page