Would You Eat These Pretzel Sandwiches? #POLL

It is the decade of unthinkable and absolutely absurd food hybrids, and even though we think that we’ve seen it all – the mosaics, the rainbows, the raindrops, and the works – along comes the next food hybrid that proves us wrong. This time it’s the Snyder’s of Hanover Classic Hummus pretzel sandwiches and Brick Oven Style Pizza pretzel sandwiches.Would You Eat These Pretzel Sandwiches? #POLL

Yes, because the pretzel on its own wasn’t enough, it had to be made into a sandwich. But here’s the thing, we’re actually looking forward to biting into one of these bite-sized sandwich snacks that sandwich their respective flavors in between two tiny pretzels (that look like the handsome love child of an Eggo Waffle and an Oreo Cookie). Because the hummus and pretzel combination does not sound half as repulsive as the “pizza flavoured” ish. What do you think? Would you eat these pretzel sandwiches? If yes, then which one? Vote and let us know!

Feature Image: Snackeroo