Would You Have Popcorn If It Tasted Like Alcohol? #POLL

When it comes to snacking or munching away on something crunchy, we would usually go for a nice and hot tub – at least – of popcorn. The popped snack is as palatable as it is light. And when it comes to versatility, popcorns are easily some of the most flexible snacks out there. Like honestly, how many more foods would taste equally, if not more, yummy with chocolate, caramel, cheese, or just some butter drizzled over them? We simply cannot go wrong with popcorns. Or can we?

A UK-based brand, Joe & Seph’s Popcorn, has taken the versatile nature of popcorns to a whole other level. Or should we say a whole other high. The artisanal popcorn maker has rolled out a range of cocktail-inspired popped kernels. And not only do these snacks taste like cocktails, but they are also showered with a little alcohol.

The range features five different cocktail flavours: gin & tonic, fruity cosmopolitan, mojito, margarita, and a blend of caramel, macchiato, and whiskey popcorn.

Now, while we totally dig the concept of food mash-ups and food hybrids, this one has gotten us a little squirmy. But we’re still not ruling out the possibility of munching on some ‘fruity cosmopolitan’ popcorn! What about you? Given a chance, would you switch up your regular popcorn for a boozy alternative? Vote below and let us know!

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