Eat, Play and Love Chocolate at Aubree, Bangalore

We have heard plenty about Aubree, the dessert lounge. We decided to drop by and check it out. One look at the store and you know you are in for a treat. The entire store is painted in white-highlighting the vibrant colours of the gorgeous looking desserts. When we say gorgeous we mean, absolutely mind-blowingly beautiful.

aubree 1

Desserts are not all they have. Aubree as a chocolate-only place, but now has expanded into a dessert lounge and even serving snacks like quiches. Aubree is the brain child of Mr. Kishore Kumar, a baking enthusiast who is following his life-long passion of baking. His passion and love for baking and anything chocolate is obvious in every bite of a dessert in Aubree. We asked what made him start Aubree and he reminiscently tell us, “I started off with a mobile store and have been in the industry for 20 years. And now I have decided to pursue my passion by starting Aubree.” The chocolate-lover and entrepreneur has done baking courses in Dubai and the chocolate capital of the world, Belgium. And we couldn’t wait to try out the desserts.

aubree 2

On this fine evening, we decided to try out their crowd-favourite Belgian truffle and famed Strawberry and White chocolate pastry. Kumar goes on to explain how the Strawberry and White chocolate is stored at -8 Degree Celcius and served at a precise -6 degree celcius and the temperature is what makes the dessert taste out of this world. We had a hard time believing what we are actually eating. The strawberry was flavoured just right, not too much, not too little and the white chocolate adds the right touch creating a beautifully balanced dessert. And let’s not forget delicious. The Belgian truffle will have dark chocolate lovers swooning. The dessert is a chocolate extravaganza (We can never have too much chocolate), and is served at room temperature. Warming up chocolate cakes takes out the flavour in them, says Mr. Kishore. And if serving at room temperature is what makes the truffle taste the way it is, no more microwaved chocolate cakes for us!

aubree 3

We had to have more, so we ended with a Petits Fours. A French pastry consisting of three layers, one of the layers contains seven kinds of fruit and was served with an Irish Cream whiskey sauce. Yes, that’s right. You have to eat it to believe it. Aubree’s rich and authentic flavours come down to a lot of facts. It could be because of the fresh cocoa beans they get delivered right from Belgium, the precise temperatures they serve their desserts at or the fact that all their flavours are pure and integrated into the dessert instead of adding flavoured syrups. Whatever be the reason, Aubree had us deliriously happy and on a sugar high like no other.

Apart from being a great lounge to hang out with friends over desserts, Aubree is also the go-to place for customized cakes for any special occassion. Psst, they have a website where you can order from and word has it that a mobile app is in the pipeline.

What we had: 

Belgian Chocolate Truffle

Strawberry and White Chocolate

Petits Four with Irish cream whiskey  sauce.