Eat that Phone(case). All about edible iPhone cases.

You read right. No, we’re not talking about phone cases that ‘look’ edible. These ARE edible.

Have you ever sat at a place with no access to food (hell) and felt the desperate need to get at some food. The mind is a tricky thing. It will flood your thoughts with all sorts of food just to make you weak in the knees. So what you need to do is, pull out your phone and gnaw at the case. It’s okay if people are staring. It’s okay if they’re talking in whispers about your sanity. Just gnaw. 


Gummy bear material with crazy flavours. That’s what the Korean edible iPhone case tastes like. When we say crazy we mean, fish lip, fermented apple, bubble tea, garlic cream and bitter flower. You’re thinking, “I knew there had to be a catch.” But the company insists that the flavours will grow on you. 

Any concerns you may be having about the sticky mess gummy could cause in your pocket, can be put to rest; because this case was well thought through. 

So go forth, buy a case and gnaw man, gnaw.