Dusk to Dawn Fried Chicken Poster for Ramadan In Denmark

It can be really tough to fast for a whole month especially when you are constantly bombarded with advertisements of food through out your busy day.

Amsterdam-based advertising bureau Etcetera has a unique and fun way of looking at this. Catching eyes at eight bus and tram stops in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, they have come up with a a special poster for fast food chain Halal Fried Chicken during Ramadan.

Between dawn and dusk the poster is a blank page with the company name reports Dutch News. But once the sun has gone down, and the period of fasting is over, the poster features a pile of deep-fried chicken and tells viewers ‘enjoy your meal’.

Now You See Me, Now you Don’t

Now isn’t that just the most considerate and intriguing way of advertising that you have seen? We bet that it makes for great sales too. As busy commuters head to work in the morning, they get wonder what the blank poster is all about. In the evening, they are happily reminded that they can break their fast at Halal Fried Chicken.

The poster was made using special printing techniques.  It makes use of the lighting in the bus shelter to show off the food.