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Dunkin’ Love Parody on Drunk in Love. Slam Dunk!


We’re high on this one.

The West Coasters are very upset that Dunkin Donuts has missed a spot- The West Coast. So Reggie White and Adrian Anchondo from there have come up with this parody of Beyonce’s recent ‘Drunk in Love’ called “Dunkin Love” . 

The video is hilarious. Period.

You’ll love this one. But first, get to watching Beyonce’s actual video for the song. 

And now, we hope you’re ready for this, we present, Dunkin Love. 

But they don’t have to be upset very long, because Dunkin has planned an expansion to the West Coast pretty soon.

We’d like to end on: 

You got them munchkins, munckins, Dunkin’

Why can’t I have you on the West Coast baby?