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Dunkin’ Donuts’ Sweet & Salted Cold Brew Is A Revelation! #POLL


Combining sweet and salty flavours is probably one of mankind’s biggest achievements in the food arena. What? You don’t think salted caramel, prosciutto-wrapped melon, and chocolate popcorns are downright awesome? And cashing in on our love for all combos sweet and salty, Dunkin’ Donuts has launched a new caffeinated beverage – the Sweet and Salted Cold Brew.

According to a press released from the popular donuts and coffee chain, adding a few new ingredients to Dunkin Donuts’ signature cold brew makes this new coffee drink. For starters, it’s sweetened with liquid cane sugar, and on top, the drink features a snowy white swirl of special new proprietary salted whipped cream, reports Refinery29. And that’s how you get a taste of both salty and sweet in every single sip.

Moreover, Dunkin’ reveals that there are a number of ways of sipping the new cold brew – you can either sip the drink through a straw without mixing the salted topping into the liquid for a stronger coffee taste. You also have the option of stirring things up to get more of the salty and sweet. Take your pick!

The new sweet and salty cold brew is available at various DD chains across the United States, so you better rush to the nearest one and grab your glass of this cold brew extraordinaire! But first, let us know in the poll below whether you like the idea of a sweet and salty cold brew or not!

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Featured Image: The Daily Meal

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