Did Dunkin’ Donuts Just Decorate Their Doughnuts With Cake? #POLL

We’ve seen a whole lot of crazy cakes, and by crazy we mean over the top innovative and ingeniously decked. From gorgeous gardens to spicy chicken wings, the world has decorated the baked dessert with pretty much every possible topping. But what if we told you that Dunkin’ Donuts just turned the tables on us actually topped something with cake? 

Did Dunkin' Donuts Just Decorate Their Doughnuts With Cake? #POLLGIF: Weird and Proud

Yee-ah, something like that. Only in this case the decoratee (not a word) has become the decoration!

Doughnut magnate Dunkin’ Donuts has never given us a dull moment when it comes to innovating and whipping up new variety of fried pastry dough. From their fun collaborations to their drinkable spin-offs, the chain is nothing but a delight. A fact they may have lived up to yet again with their latest menu item. Behold, the Raspberry Chocolate Brownie Doughnut!

So what’s so special about this new doughnut? Well for starters, it comes topped with a huge piece of brownie (because sprinkles are so passé) and features an exceedingly rich chocolate glaze and a fruity raspberry kick. According to PopSugar, the opulent little ring of fried dough comprises of a classic doughnut that’s filled with raspberry jelly licked over by a layer of chocolate glaze that is topped it all off with a cube of chocolate brownie and a drizzle of vanilla icing.

Basically, here’s a pastry shaped like doughnut, just eat it. Or not. What do you think? Did Dunkin’ go a little too over the top with this one or are brownie doughnuts totally your thing? Vote below and let us know!

Unfortunately, these newly concocted doughnuts are available at select outlets in the United Kingdom. But hey, what’s a rich brownie-licious donut worth if not a trip to mighty ol’ Britannia, amirite?

Feature Image: Once Upon a Recipe