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Dunkin’ Donut And Oreo Are Collaborating To Create The Best Halloween Donut Collection


We’re almost a week into October, and what better way to ring the Halloween spirit than with a delicious donut with some ‘scary’ decorations? The Spider Donut debuted last year, and it will be available again for the Halloween season (don’t worry, it’s not scary, just yummy). The classic donut gets revamped with with a second donut—a chocolate Munchkin!—on top which will be frosted with orange icing and a chocolate drizzle to make the eyes and legs.

Dunkin’ Donut has also teamed up with Oreo to create and Oreo donut that comes filled with vanilla buttercream and topped with chocolate icing, crumbled Oreos, and a drizzled of dark orange icing.

The donut/coffee shop will also be dressing up other donuts with  orange and purple icing drizzles and sprinkles, too. But, you’d better hurry if you want to try the Spider, because it will only be available through Halloween, while the Oreo Donut will be around until November! Excited for Halloween yet?


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