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Dude, who moved my cheese? These car thieves put a cow in a Maruti


You’ve got to be off your rockers to attempt this

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n Tamil Nadu, the cow is revered for being a sacred animal. Cow-slaughter is banned in this state.
Whether they wanted free fresh milk every day or just wanted to eat the meat, three car thieves tried to capture a cow in a small farm in Kamaraj Avenue, Adayar, in broad daylight. And they did this by trapping the heavy animal into the backseat of their Zen Maruti.
Not only did they successfully manage to accomplish this, but they also managed to successfully get caught.
Caught on CCTV camera.

They did WHAT?

The video clippings showed the no-brainer strategy devised by the thieves. The cow was first lured by food all the way to the back of the car. While it was lazing around and innocently peeking into the car, the unsuspecting animal was caught unawares and forced into the small gap between the seats of the car. The thieves finally managed to race off with their loot.
It was a miracle that the doors of the Maruti were able to seal the black bovine in it.

Selling beef and relishing its taste is not a crime. However, this unjust treatment to animals is punishable by law, and probably by Maruti.