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Dublin Blogger Charged $5 Million Dollars By A Café


According to a report by Foodbeast, a café in Dublin café demanded $5 million after cyberbullying her. The blogger, Elle Darby had sent a message to White Moose Café for a promotional activity of the venue on her page in exchange for a complimentary stay but things went terribly downhill from there.

The Bloggergate Incident

The café owner, Paul Stenson posted her letter on his Facebook not revealing her name at first but seeing her reputation being scarred, she shared a video on YouTube reveals the report. Most of the social media reacting to the video took Darby’s side.

On the contrary Stenson called the incident a Bloggergate and has put a ban on bloggers from visiting his café. Further, he even charged Darby a more than $5.3 million and put the bill on social media justifying the amount as compensation for the publicity they gave Darby through Bloggergate says the report by Foodbeast.

Darby, after receiving abusive messages, threats and other fallouts with the café owner, has put up another video on YouTube talking about the abuse and amidst the hate comments there are many who thought the hotel owner’s behaviour had gone overboard.


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