Dry fruits laddu recipe I Antina unde

Antina unde or Dry fruits laddu is a traditional south Indian sweet recipe. It is a nutritious with dried fruits, nuts and is considered as a super food for nursing mothers to regain nutrients. It is prepared with nutritious ingredients like almond, cashew, pistachio, dates,dry dates, raisin, anjeer (dry fig), poppy seeds, dry copra, jaggery, ghee and edible gum (antu) which makes a delicious and healthy laddu’s. 

Preparation time – 30 min

Cooking time – 15 min

Makes – 12 to 13 medium size laddu’s

Ingredients –


Almond – 25 no’s chopped

Cashew nut – 20 no’s break into small pieces

Raisin – 30 no’s chopped

Anjeer (dry fig) – 5 rings chopped 

Dates – 1/2 cup remove the seeds and chopped

Dry dates – 10 no’s remove the seeds and chop into small pieces 

Pistachio – 20 no’s chopped

Dry copra (desiccated coconut) – 3/4 cup grated

Poppy seeds – 2 tbs

Edible gum – 1/2 cup

Jaggery – 3/4 cup grated or powdered (adjust to your taste)

Ghee – 1/2 cup

Water – 2 tsp

Cardamom – 4 to 5 crushed into powder

Method –

To make or to prepare Antina unde or Dry fruits laddu –

Keep all the ingredients ready as shown in the above image to start the recipe. Heat a pan, when it is hot add poppy seeds, dry roast it in a medium flame to light brown, allow it to splutter remove from the flame and set aside.


In the same pan add 2 tbs of ghee in it and add 1 tbs of  edible gum in it, stir fry it until it pops up like popcorn, once it is done remove and set aside continue the same for remaining and set aside on a paper towel.


In the same pan add 1 tsp of ghee and add almonds to light brown and set aside


Add all the dry fruits one by one and fry it in ghee separately.


Take care not to burn any ingredients, fry all the ingredients in medium/low flame and set aside in a bowl or a wide plate. Allow the mixture to cool, add grated dry copra, cardamom powder , roasted poppy seeds, mix together and keep ready.


Heat the pan by adding 1 1/2 tsp of ghee in it when it is hot add jaggery in it.


Stir fry until jaggery dissolves completely


Then add 2 tsp of water to it and bring it to boil until it reaches to string consistency.


To test the syrup is done or not- Drop 1 or 2 drop of syrup in water, if it is done it does’t dissolves in water or if you touch with your finger it must be sticky to find a string. Once the syrup is done  to a string in consistency remove from the flame and add it to the dry fruit mixture.


Combine together so that the jagerry syrup must coat all the ingredients.


When the mixture is warm enough, grease your hand with ghee, take a small portion of mixture and press it to make a round shape laddu’s


Continue the same for remaining mixture, once it is done you can roll the prepared laddu’s on roasted poppy seeds or grated dry copra.


You can make desired size and quantity of laddu’s.


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