Drinking Carbonated Drinks Could Lead To Increase In Deep Fat

We all know carbonated drinks like Pepsi and Coca Cola has significant health detriments. It contributes to several health ailments like obesity and diabetes. A new study has found that drinking sugary drinks could also pose a risk in increasing the likelihood of heart disease due to a higher amount of body fat. 

The study, with over 1000 participants, was conducted to determine the effects of carbonated drinks on our body. The participants with an average age of 45 were asked to answer a questionnaire and had to go through CT scans before and after the conclusion of the study. The data from the study showed that adults who consumed sugary drinks had an increase in visceral fat. This specific type of fat surrounds many important organs like liver, pancreas and intestines and could lead to diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. 


The participants from the study were categorized under non-drinkers, occasional drinkers and frequent drinkers. The study also concluded that over a period of 6 years, adults who drank at least one sugary drink per day had an significant increase in abdominal fat. The findings were published in a health journal called Circulation.