If You Think Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer Won’t Get You In Trouble – Think Again!

It’s common sense (hopefully) that you don’t get behind the wheel after having a couple of drinks. Not only is it illegal and can get you arrested, but you’ll also put other lives in danger, even if you don’t care about your own. However, in a shocking turn of events, this woman was charged with a DUI after drinking 15 (yes, you read that right) non-alcoholic beers.

After a Japanese woman crashed her car she claimed she “only drank 15 non-alcoholic beers” before getting behind the wheel. However, her statement has left people scratching their heads as her blood alcohol content clocked in at a whopping four times the legal limit.

The woman drifted into oncoming traffic and crashed into a van carrying a father and his four-year-old daughter on May 8th. Her vehicle flipped over, but thankfully no one was hurt in the collision. She was charged with driving while intoxicated, and police are currently investigating her claims regarding what she drank that day.

If You Think Drinking Non-Alcoholic Beer Won't Get You In Trouble - Think Again!

Most people believe her story to be highly unlikely unless, of course, the beer was mislabeled. In Japan, the legal limit is .03 percent, and most non-alcoholic beer in Japan has 0.00 percent alcohol. Although some used to contain .5 percent alcohol. Even if that were the case and she had drunk a very old batch, the woman would have had to drink them very rapidly to get drunk enough to have a BAC of .12.

I do have a question for her though, 15 non-alcoholic beers in Japan? Japan is home to some of the coolest beer flavours in the world such as the matcha beer or the cherry blossom beer, why the non-alcoholic beer?

To be fair to the woman, it sounds like drinking 15 of anything is more than enough to send you into some dangerous territory. However, it must be said that if her blood alcohol content clocked at .12 then I’m sure she must have had some inkling that all was not well? Or did she think it was a sugar high? That being said, best to watch your beer intake, even if they’re non-alcoholic.