Drake Just Put His Money On Tea, Invests In Green Tea Brand MatchaBar

Superfoods and healthy foods are all the rage. And what sells even better are such foods that come with a certain traditional and cultural ante. Case in point, the ridiculous turmeric latte, chai latte, and the most popular of all, Japan’s popular matcha. But the one thing that can raise the stakes of already popular foods even higher is a celebrity endorsement or collaboration.

Staying true to just that, singer Drake is putting his money where his teacup is by becoming one of the main investors of New York-base beverage brand MatchaBar. The company announced recently that it’ll be partnering with Whole Foods to release their new Better Energy bottled matcha drink in September.


“We feel Drake not only embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of our brand, but also our company’s ethos ‘good things come to those who hustle,’” MatchaBar co-founder Graham Fortgang said in a statement.

According to People, Matchabar’s Better Energy drink sources their main ingredient from a family farm in Nishio, Japan. The beverage is essentially an energy drink with a boost comparable to that of caffeine with the added benefit of an amino acid called l-theanine. These ingredients are supposed to counter a jitters-inducing caffeine rush with added calming effects.

Matcha has fast gained popularity in the healthy beverage section with leading chains introducing the drink on their respective menus. And with Drake putting his name on the trend as well, it probably won’t be too long before matcha too gains coffee or tea status!


Feature Image: BBC


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