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Dr. Stossier Of VIVAMAYR Stresses On Nutrition During His Talk In Mumbai


Vedary in Mumbai hosted a press conference by the health clinic VIVAMAYR from Austria where emphasis was laid on nutrition, health and wellness. Prof. Dr. Harald Stossier, Founder and Medical Director of the health institute addressed the conference and answered all doubts and inquisitions on nutrition and even cleared myths about fad diets. Dr. Stossier also demonstrated through a media volunteer as to how unsuitable foods can cause muscle weakness. He thus showed the importance of eating right through his talk.

Importance Of Nutrition

Speaking about his medical institute, Dr. Stossier said, “VIVAMAYR Medical Center enjoys a worldwide following of health – conscious devotees. Over this year, our ties with Vedary in Mumbai has given us a better access and insight on the health challenges in India. Every few month’s patients consult with our visiting doctor on ailments such as allergies, hypertension, diabetes, obesity to name a few. Our doctors have a proven track record in treating conditions endemic to modern living by combining natural therapies with state-of-the-art medical diagnostics and treatments. True to the teachings of Modern Mayr – Medicine that are based on the work of Dr. Mayr.”

Dr. Stossier also presented his new book to the media, ‘Nutrition: What Really Counts.’ “Dr. Harald Stossier’s call to go back to the basics of common-sense nutrition, as opposed to momentary fads or fashionable theories, is in sync with the ‘Eat Right’ philosophy of the Tasting India Symposium,” said Sourish Bhattacharyya & Sanjoo Malhotra, Founding Directors, Tasting India Symposium. “We believe that the Symposium wouldn’t have been complete without revisiting the traditional nutrition model with Dr Stossier. His book, Nutrition: What Really Counts, is a must-read for a world hurtling from one nutritional theory to the next. We look forward to listening carefully to Dr Stossier and imbibing his wisdom, because, like our ancient seers, who laid the foundation of Ayurveda (the science of life), he is unambiguous about the salience of food in the body’s healing process. As we try to make sense of the clutter of nutritional information floating around, Dr. Stossier’s clarity makes his message a beacon of hope for a world battling constantly the scourge of lifestyle diseases”.