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Down’s Syndrome Is Not A Limitation To This 22-Year Old Entrepreneur


Aditi Verma is a proud entrepreneur and runs Aditi’s corner in Bhoomi Mall, CBD Belapur. She has not let her disability (down’s syndrome) become a hurdle. She enjoys cooking, watching cookery shows and running her business. Her capabilities not only show that she can do the accounts, break even and cook at the same time but the fact her business is already a success speaks volumes. “I just love the rajma chawal and the egg preparation made here. More than that, I love the dynamism of Aditi and her respectful and humble nature,” says Sharad Rao, a regular customer to The Hindu.

Her parents always encouraged her to pursue her dreams that led to all that Aditi’s achieving today. “We never treated Aditi differently from her brother and encouraged her to pursue her dreams,” says her father Amit Verma in an interview with The Hindu. The eatery too was a gift from her parents last year on New Year’s Day.

Aditi’s parents saw her inclination for cooking though she loved maths and was even helping her father with the data entry and logistics business in the mall. But when they saw that she loved watching cookery shows, showed a keen interest the tea getting delivered and cooking something new for the all the time, they decided to gift her this eatery.

Besides serving maggi, tea, coffee and snacks Aditi’s corners also sells chocolates and cupcakes made by Aditi herself. She also has a new lunch menu each day and through the help of a delivery boy gets it delivered to various offices. She has also represented Maharashtra as an entrepreneur in the Self Advocates Forum of India (SAFI) in Bengaluru last year.


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