‘Dougnicorns’ Are The Latest Addition To The Unicorn Food Trend


Nope, the Unicorn food trend is nowhere near over. In fact, we should all just accept that 2017 is the year of the Unicorn food. Forget that it’s the Year of the Rooster, because apparently nothing can take the place of Unicorn things.

The latest to join this family is “unicorn doughnuts” or as certain people are calling them – Dougnicorns. Okay, we don’t particularly care for the new term, but we have to admit that unicorn doughnuts are way cuter than unicorn macarons – and we thought those were the cutest and more colourful thing to happen this year.

Take a regular doughnut, cover them icing, sprinkles and put eyes, ears and unicorn horns on top and you’ve got yourself a unicorn doughnut. Seriously, it’s not that hard to make, it’s more about deciding what colour you want your unicorns to be, what you want them to look like and how you want to decorate it.

But till you decide on what you want, here are some really beautiful dougnicorns to inspire you.


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