This Dorito’s Bag Plays The Guardians of The Galaxy Soundtrack!

Who said bags of chips were just air and some chips? Doritos just proved us al wrong by rolling out a bag that has chips, air, and, music! That’s right, the popular corn chips company launched a special musical bag that plays the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack once you plug in your earphones. That’s some classic marketing right there!

But how does the bag do this musical magic? According to Refinery29, each bag of Doritos comes with a built-in cassette player that allows you to hear the official soundtrack from the film. That includes controls on the front, and the ability for the chips to be “recharged for repeat listening.”

What’s that now? Will the bag play music even if it’s empty? Of course it will! Unless there is some secret kind of energy that the chips impart, the music player and the bag’s contents have no connection whatsoever. However, it will be hilarious to go around carrying an empty bag of chips just to listen to the music!

You can get the Doritos bags on Amazon here starting April 28 before the Film comes out May 5. For those of you who are not in the United States, you can hear the soundtrack featuring major hits from bands like Electric Light Orchestra, Parliament, and Fleetwood Mac below.