Donut War: What’s Your Favorite Donut Joint? #POLL

We know they are a storehouse of calories, we know one won’t be enough and we also know that we absolutely will follow it up with a coffee. But there is still nothing stopping us from biting into a gorgeous donut.

Once upon a time, there was only Mad Over Donuts (M.O.D.), which clouded the donut lovers’ head with all those beautiful flavours and fillings. But then along came Dunkin’ Donut with its all American charm; and before we knew it we were drooling over those bright pink and orange DDs! Little did we know that we were yet to be exposed to an influx of gorgeous sugar glazes and sprinkles. Along came Krispy Kreme.

Speaking of brands, which one is your favourite? Where does your loyalty lie? Krispy Kreme’s flawless glaze; MOD’s gorgeous chocolate topping or Dunkin Donuts’ cream filling? Vote and let us know.

Feature Image: visitlawrencecounty