Don’t Refrigerate These 7 Foods Items

Don't Refrigerate These Food Items!

We all love to maintain that freshness of food for days and so the best way to do that is dump them in the refrigerator right? Wrong. Some food items are better left outside as they need that kind of environment and some can just pretty much survive without the refrigeration. Let’s find out which are those 7 food items that you should never put in the fridge.


You might actually see bananas rotting sooner in the fridge than outside. Due to the darkness and moisture in the refrigerator, the bananas start to get darker in colour and start to deteriorate. Keep it on your kitchen counter or in a bowl on your dining table as this fruit needs air to retain nutrients.


If you’ve peeled your onions, then tossing them in the fridge inside a proper container is not such a bad idea but according to the National Onion Association of the US, unpeeled onions shouldn’t be kept in plastic bags or the refrigerator. The thing is that onions require air exposure for life and inside the fridge they’ll only become mouldy and terrible to use.


Ever wondered how the garlic looks nice and white and then turns out to be rotten when you slice into it? That’s because they’re not meant to be kept in the refrigerator as the decaying process begins sooner in the damp environment. The garlic can also sprout, become mouldy and rubbery too. So let it stay out.

Citrus Fruits

You can easy harm the gorgeous oranges and lemons you recently brought from the supermarket due to chill damage in the refrigerator. The skin becomes dull and might even develop some spots. this happens because they need natural temperature for ripening and putting them in a cold environment will do them more harm than good.


Yes, brinjals too should be kept outside and not in your little vegetable storage in the refrigerator. Being temperature sensitive, the cold environment of the fridge causes damage to the flavour and texture of this purple veggie. They also demand a special treatment, so keep them away from any other fruit or vegetable as they are sensitive to ethylene (natural gas that helps the ripening process).


Storing a food in the refrigerator which is already preserved by nature is a complete no, no. On the contrary, putting honey in the fridge will cause the sugar in it to crystallize and the honey will solidify giving a chalky, doughy texture making it hard to use.


This should have been an obvious one becajuse pickles are already preserved with oil, salt and acidity so putting them in the refrigerator i only going to take up space. But people still feel that they’ll last longer in the fridge. Actually their taste sort of becomes bland due to the solidification of the vinaigrette. So, keep your pickle jar outside on the shelf or the dinner table.


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