Don’t Miss Out On These High Protein & Low Carb Brownies!

Who doesn’t like to indulge in brownies and chocolates every now and then? In fact, some of us just cannot live without them but unfortunately, this guilty pleasure comes with very high amounts of sugar which is not so good for our bodies. Enter Feel Mighty Brownies! These brownies come in two variants – Low Carb and High Protein. The flavours available are – Dark Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Walnut and Chocolate Peanut Butter.

A regular brownie usually has about 2 grams of Protein, 15 grams of Sugar and 39 grams of net Carbs BUT a Feel Mighty Brownie has 15 grams of protein, less than 3 grams of Sugar and just 8 grams of net Carbs! What more can you ask for?

Don't Miss Out On These High Protein & Low Carb Brownies!

The Low Carb Diet Brownie helps with your weight lossketo and gluten-free diets. The High Protein Brownie (with 15g of protein and only 8g of net carbs in each brownie!) helps with completing daily nutrition by adding protein and fibre to your diet, while curbing any cravings in only 200 calories.You can use it as a Morning/Pre-Workout Snack with your Coffee/Tea. It is a perfect travel snack and you can eat it as a late night guilt-free snack. Indulge without consequences.

These are easily available online on Amazon and their own website as well. Do give these a try and let us know your feedback in the comments below!

Don't Miss Out On These High Protein & Low Carb Brownies!

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